Personal Empowerment Series


Are you getting everything you want out of life? Now is the time to unleash your personal power by enrolling in these three exciting classes!

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Become the Winner you were meant to be

You will plot a powerful course for achieving your aspirations and dreams in this class. You will learn how to lock in the new changes necessary for success. You will leave this class with renewed hope and commitment to a better life. You will also possess a tangible, dynamic, and comprehensive written Personal Plan that will include Your Vision, Personal Mission, Goals, and sure-fire ways of getting all you want in life. (8 students minimum Requirement) 4-week class

Become the amazing Communicator you were meant to be

In this class, you will acquire the communication skills to help you influence others and achieve win-win solutions while building stronger and healthier relationships. You will learn specific winning communication techniques that work at home, in the office or in the community. Your life will improve dramatically with your newly acquired Communication skills. (8 students minimum Requirement) 2-week class

Become the Leader you were meant to be

Whether you are working now or will be entering the workforce in the future, you will want to take this course. Organizations desperately need dynamic leaders who can hire and inspire employees to work to their maximum potential. This course will teach you the difference between management and leadership and provide you with the competencies needed to exceed expectations. Upon course completion, you will know all about how to hire winners, how to engage and motivate employees, culture shaping, and more. Look out world, here you come! (8 students minimum Requirement) 4-week class