Business Office Academy – Evening Classes

Bookkeeping/Accounting Classes

Bookkeeping/Accounting I

This course covers terms, concepts, and applications of a double-entry accounting system for a service business. Students learn to deal effectively with the chart of accounts, assets, liabilities, and equity account, as well as to apply basic rules of generally accepted accounting principles. Prerequisite: Business Math class or equivalent experience.
(12 students minimum requirement)

Bookkeeping/Accounting II

In this course, students continue learning about terms, concepts, and applications of a bookkeeping/accounting system for a corporation. Students learn to deal effectively with accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and dividends. Prerequisite: Accounting I or equivalent experience.
(12 students minimum requirement)

Bookkeeping/Accounting III

Students continue learning about terms, concepts, and applications of a bookkeeping/accounting system for a merchandising business organized as a corporation. Students learn to deal effectively with bad debt, inventory, depreciation, and loans. Prerequisite: Accounting II or equivalent experience.

QuickBooks Online: Beginning – Advanced

Instructor lead course will get you ready to work with QuickBooks Online.  You will learn how to set up company files, work with customers, vendors, reconcile bank and credit card transactions, create financial reports, payroll, and inventory. The first class will be a review of accounting terms and their definitions along with the accounting cycle. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills and Accounting I or equivalent experience.

Computer Evening Classes

Microsoft Office Business Suite: Hybrid Classroom

Instructor lead class. Do you need to update your computer application skills to be competitive in the job market? In this 12-week certificate program, you will learn how to perform tasks such as word processing, creating spreadsheets, presentations, database management, and managing emails. The components of this class will include Windows 10, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Students are encouraged to take the MOS certification exam, after completing this course.  Prerequisite:  Basic computer skills.

Google Suite

What is Google Suite?  It is a suite of applications you can work on in real time with other people and store them in the cloud with Google Drive for free! G Suite’s apps include file storage, word processor, spreadsheets program, and a presentation tool and works across devices. Unlike traditional desktop applications, there is no software to install. G Suite is also compatible with files made in other programs, such as Microsoft Office. Purchase textbook online:  Google Drive and Docs in 30 min. – ISBN No. 9781939924315. 

Computer Basics Plus!

Do you want to take your computer skills to the next level? Learn to create resumes, letters, design flyers, organize lists, perform calculations, build line and pie charts, create presentations, and manage a database. We will explore Microsoft Office Suite 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) so you can become independent and confident working on the computer.

Computer Basics

Are you tired of asking others how to do something on your computer? Does your computer do what you want it to do or what it wants to do? Come and have fun while we explore how to make the computer work for us. This class will teach you the basic techniques and skills you need to enjoy having a computer.

  • Computer Concepts
  • Using Programs and Applications
  • Working with Files
  • Word Processing
  • Browsing Web Pages
  • Using the Cloud

Job Skills- Evening Classes

Voice-Overs… Now is Your Time! Workshop

YOU’VE HEARD LISA FOSTER ON TV AND RADIO COMMERCIALS!  Hear Lisa LIVE as she illustrates how YOU can use your voice for commercials, films, and videos! Most people go about it the wrong way. Lisa will show you a unique way to one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there! This is a business with practically no overhead! NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This class could be the game changer you’ve been looking for! Lisa’s voice can be heard on commercials and narrations for clients such as: Crest Toothpaste, Olay, LA Weight Loss, Advanced Laser Clinics and Sleep Train.